Aromatic Oils

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Picture of MUBAKHAR 3ML


Mubakhar Exceptional range of woody aromatic heritage fragrance with an unique experience called “Mubakhar” and is perfect for expressing yourself. This Dehn al oudh “Mubakhar” comes in a gold bottle blending with arab culture
Picture of Musk Mutasalik 100 g

Musk Mutasalik 100 g

Picture of Deh Oud Brashin 1/4

Deh Oud Brashin 1/4

Oud Brashin Super, from the Brashin region of Thailand, is a distinctive cream with a beautiful aroma, aromatic and persistence
Picture of D/OUD KAFAF


The new Oud Kafaf oil from Ahmed Al Maghribi makes you feel confident and energized, with a strong scent in an attractive package
Picture of Mukhalat Al Oud Abyadh 1/4

Mukhalat Al Oud Abyadh 1/4

Picture of Dehn Oud Gentapuri Wood 1/4

Dehn Oud Gentapuri Wood 1/4